Our Issues

Restore & Defend Our Constitutional Rights 

We are currently witnessing the greatest governmental power grab in American history, perpetrated by authoritarian government officials on both sides of the aisle. Both elected and unelected government bureaucrats have threatened, and in some cases succeeded, to strip us of our constitutionally guaranteed rights, including our freedom of speech, freedom of assembly, right to bear arms, right to worship and countless others. No longer may we allow our government to shut down our businesses, lock us in our homes, declare our livelihoods “non-essential”, keep our children out of school and bar us from living a free and fruitful life. Our rights should never be determined by a few lawmakers in a far-away capital. That is why I will introduce legislation to protect business owners and houses of worship from unconstitutional government closures and restrictions. I will also work to pass National Conceal Carry Reciprocity, abolish unconstitutional and wasteful government agencies such as the IRS & ATF and, most of all, never allow the radicals in Washington to strip us of our God-Given Rights.  

Image by Anthony Garand
Crack Down On Big Tech

Social Media is the new public square; there is no way around it. It is how much of society communicates, connects and disseminates important information. Our Nation cannot properly function if 50% of our people are forced out of the public discourse. For years, Big Tech monopolies have been suppressing free speech and illegally distributing personal data. These companies are no longer private entities and have instead become arbiters of speech and morality that threaten to silence any voices of opposition to the radical left. Big Tech monopolies have been propped up by enormous government contracts, Federal Reserve financial aid and politicians on both sides of the aisle who refuse to hold them accountable. That is why I will author legislation to end and ban all further government contracts with Big Tech companies who suppress free speech and fine these monopolies every time they censor the Constitutionally-protected free speech of Americans. 

Image by Christian Wiediger
Secure Our Elections

The unprecedented 2020 election has shaken the faith many Americans once had in our electoral process. Months of early voting, mass mail-in voting, ballot harvesting, lack of voter ID laws and easily corruptible voting machines have left our Country wondering if our elections are truly secure. Congress must act to restore this trust by setting a clear standard for Federal Elections:


  1. Institute nationwide photo ID requirements

  2. Limit absentee voting to legitimate reasons 

  3. Limit early in-person voting to 10 days before the election 

  4. Ban all unsolicited mail-in voting 

  5. Criminalize Ballot Harvesting  

Fight Corruption 

If we understand anything about our politics in Washington, we know that it is ripe with corruption. We have seen bribery, scandal and corruption at every level by each party. Insider deals are cut in broad daylight without fear of consequences or justice. We need politicians who aren’t afraid to hold their peers accountable, including members of their own party. For too long American politics has been about maintaining the power and image of your party and fellow members. The only “special interest” that I am beholden to is the interest of the people I serve. I will introduce legislation that will ban former lawmakers from becoming lobbyists and implement firm term limits for both elected officials AND unelected bureaucrats.  

Image by Michal Matlon
Repair Our Broken Education System 

A child’s quality of education should not be determined by their zip code. For decades, politicians have continued to pour money into failing public schools and programs all while attempting to limit the choices that parents have over their children's education. The Department of Education alone boasts a budget of over $66 BILLION annually. At the same time, our children are not receiving the resources and education they deserve. We must ban Critical Race Theory in our schools and ensure that our children understand that the color of our skin does not define who we are or what we are capable of achieving. Added to the fact that the government has forced a one-size-fits-all standardized approach to teaching and learning, much of our education system has been broken for some time. The solution is putting more power in the hands of parents and children. This means continuing to advocate for greater school choice, proper funding of charter schools that out-perform traditional public schools and equipping our children with life skills rather than “teaching to the test.” 

Strengthen Our Immigration Policy

Without borders, we do not have a nation. Illegal immigration has crippled American society for decades, stifling wages, importing gang violence and massively expanding cross-border human and drug trafficking. This will not stop until we take a holistic approach to stopping it once and for all. We need to enact physical border security measures while ending the enormous American welfare state that many illegal immigrants cross our border to take advantage of.


In Congress I will push and support legislation that: 

  • Erects permanent and impassible barriers at our southern border 

  • Increases ICE presence  

  • Ends chain migration  

  • Ends the VISA lottery program  

  • Bans all illegal immigrants from receiving government assistance  

  • Mandates E-Verify and holds businesses accountable that knowingly employ illegal immigrants

Affordable, High-Quality Healthcare

Healthcare costs are out of control. No one should have to go broke to get the quality care that they need. However, we must understand that more government control over your healthcare is not the answer. The healthcare industry is the most heavily regulated and subsidized industry in the country, yet over the past 20 years healthcare costs have increased more than any other industry in America. We are led to believe that if we just give more control to the federal government, our costs will go down. Not only has this been a disaster in countries like Venezuela, but ideas like "Medicare For All" and universal healthcare will bankrupt the industry, destroy our quality of care and leave you holding the bill. The key to driving down healthcare costs is to allow the industry to operate more freely from the constraints of government and useless regulations. In Washington, I will advocate for healthcare reforms that are patient-centered and consumer-driven. We must open up the market to allow for greater choice and more options which in turn will lead to dramatic price reductions.

Stand For Life

Science has proven that human life begins at conception. The United States Constitution and Natural Law guarantees certain rights to every human being, the first and foremost being The Right to Life. At just a few weeks old, an unborn child has developed a heartbeat, brainwaves, arms, legs, eyes, ear, their own unique set of DNA and fingerprints that will never be replicated and can feel pain. Every human life deserves our love from the earliest stages and we must come together to end abortion in America while ensuring every mother receives the highest levels of care and support they need both before and after birth. 

Baby Lying Down
Lower the Cost of Higher Education 

I graduated college with $100,000 in student debt. I will bring that perspective to Washington to hold both government and universities accountable for the burden placed on so many Young Americans and their families. This can only be done when the government and colleges have some skin in the game like the rest of us. I will work to reform our loan process and pass legislation that forces Universities who receive federal funding to either share risk of potential default on student loans or offer alternatives to massive loans such as post-graduation profit sharing. These measures will ensure that Universities will work overtime to ensure tuition costs are lower and that students are prepared for and matched with high-paying careers that suit their degrees. 

Image by Dom Fou

America must pursue an all-of-the-above energy policy that gives the people the most efficient and affordable options while keeping our Nation energy independent. The key is getting our government out of the business of choosing winners and losers, and allowing the market to dictate which form of energy most suits our needs. Allow our energy companies to responsibly use natural gas, clean coal, nuclear, solar and wind to get Americans the power they need at the lowest possible cost.  

Image by NASA
Free & Fair Trade

Free trade is essential to our American way of life, but trade cannot be free if it is not also fair. We must implement trade policies that allow Americans access to the most affordably priced goods while also allowing our companies here at home to build and thrive. This starts by leveling the playing field on a global scale. I will introduce legislation that prohibits the importation of goods produced via slave or child labor. Not only is it immoral for us to purchase such goods, but it puts our businesses, who are proud to be Made in the USA, at a disadvantage. In addition, I will advocate for trade policies that prioritize the American worker by holding other nations accountable for tariffs placed on our goods. 

Image by Ian Taylor
No More Pork

While Americans were struggling after a year of COVID lockdowns and restrictions, Anthony Gonzalez voted for a COVID Relief and Military Spending Bill that sent nearly $1 trillion dollars in aid to foreign countries including $10 million for gender studies in Pakistan. This is simply one example of the never ending pork spending that is pushed through at the expense of our taxpayers. We can no longer tolerate a system that allows special interests to get rich off the taxpayer’s dime and a Congress that passes 50,000 page bills (that no one reads) in the dead of night.